The first visit takes approximately 45 minutes and it is a chance for you to get to know Dr Armstrong and for him to perform a thorough clinical examination and talk to you about your treatment options, whether or not it is the best time to begin treatment. As it is a longer appointment there is plenty of time for you to ask questions about your teeth and the proposed treatment. In order to commence orthodontic treatment we need to have a record of your teeth in their present position. These records are called diagnostic records because they are used to double-check exactly which treatment is the most suitable. Diagnostic records usually include impressions, photographs and radiographs. Impressions are needed to obtain accurate models of your teeth and the dental arches so we can measure their relationship to one another. Photographs and radiographs will be used to determine where the imbalances and problems are and where to move each of the teeth within the upper and lower jaws. Dr Armstrong will explain in detail the treatment options available and the cost of treatment. He will send a detailed report to you and your dentist explaining the problems and the treatment recommended. This letter will explain the financial details, provide item numbers and payment procedures.